Frequently Asked Questions: 6th AFMAM 2020

FAQs – 6th ASEAN Foundation Model ASEAN Meeting 2020

Note: Some basic questions concerning age limit, nationality, and study level (“undergraduate or master” question) may be found at the Call for Applications link at the AF website:

Team Advisor

  1. Does the team advisor have to be in the introductory team video? Yes, all team members and team advisor must be in the recorded video
  2. Can one team advisor lead more than one team? Yes, it is possible.
  3. What makes one qualified to be team advisor? He/she must be of ASEAN nationality, a faculty/academic member of tertiary education institution, fall under the age range as stipulated in the call for applications, must be willing to commit time and efforts to participate in the online briefing when the team selected and the follow-up activities.
  4. Is a person who is not a faculty member at a university apply as team advisor? Team advisor must be a faculty/academic member of a tertiary education institution.
  5. What does the team advisor do? Team Advisor will be the team’s representative in all aspects of the team’s participation in the AFMAM, substance wise as well as administrative and logistics. Additionally, we require that team advisor commit time and efforts to participate in the online briefing and the follow-up activities including overseeing the team’s paper preparation, administration, and logistic. Moreover, team advisor is expected to observe the whole AFMAM process and provide constructive feedback for the betterment of the AFMAM.
  6. Can the team advisor be a former faculty member (now no longer one)? We require that team advisor is currently a faculty member/academic member of tertiary education institution as this will help sustain the AFMAM at the country level in the long run.


  1. I am a student of a Master’s degree. Can I apply for the AFMAM? No, participation as a team member is open to ASEAN undergraduate (or equivalent: college, academy, institute, vocational schools) students only. 
  2. Can different nationalities form a team? No, one Team must comprise the same nationality, both team members and team advisor.
  3. Can the same nationalities, but live in different countries, apply? Applicants must be residing in the country of nationality.
  4. Can the previous participants re-apply? Yes, but we do not encourage this in order to give others the same opportunity. 
  5. Can college students apply? Yes, they can. Generally, students of tertiary education institution taking diploma or undergraduate studies (or equivalent level) are welcome to apply.
  6. Is it required that all five members should have a different major? No, this is not a requirement for team members. Nevertheless, it is encouraged to do so.
  7. Can the team of six be from different institutions? It is encouraged, but not required, that the team of six be from different institutions. 
  8. Alumni Apply be an observer? Alumni can join AFMAM as an observer (be mindful that observer is not counted for as a delegate). However, the alumni will have to cover the associated cost themselves. The ASEAN Foundation will only provide coverage for delegates.


  1. Do you cover airfare from cities where our university are situated and which is not the capital city? The ASEAN Foundation covers international airfares of the participants from the capital city of the country of origin to the venue and return. However, if there is international flight from where your universities are located and which is not the capital city, this may fall under the ASEAN Foundation’s consideration to cover.
  2. Is it fully funded? Please refer to the call for applications for coverage.


  1. Due to conflict of schedule with examination, can we participate only in some segments of the AFMAM? No, participants must take part in the whole session in order to get meaningful AFMAM experience.

Application process

  1. Can the introductory team video last more than 1.5 minutes? Video must be 1.5-minute long at the maximum.
  2. Can we record the video in national language? No, it should be in English. The use of local language is only for showing cultural diversity and richness (such as delivering greetings) not for means of communication for the video.
  3. What makes a video get a high score during the selection process? It must adhere to the suggested duration, informative content (enough for the selection committee to see your team’s capacity to participate in the AFMAM), interesting creativity (this shows your team’s serious efforts in applying), clear audio and visual, among others.
  4. How many teams will pass? There will be one team selected from each country.


  1. The AFMAM is taking place during the school time. Will the ASEAN Foundation provide a formal invitation letter for participants to be used to seek leave from our institution? Yes, the ASEAN Foundation will provide such document.
  2. What other papers are needed in addition to the university’s recommendation letter/confirmation of status? Participants must purchase their own health and travel insurance before departing for the AFMAM. The expenses for these and associated expenses are not reimbursable.



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